Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visiting Widows

This week I drove Ionut and Vlad to visit the widow's in the judet of Timis. Because of the distance we only deliver food every 6 weeks rather than once a month here in Arad. Because of recent health issues I had not been able to visit with these ladies in months.
Pictured above with Ionut, is Aurelia and on the bottom is her mother Smilia. Aurelia is 70 years old and profoundly retarded and has been disabled her entire life. Smilia is now 87 and has cared for her all these years. I think Smilia's husband had died years ago. Smilia said she was counseled early on to just leave Aurelia in a State institution but she would not. Aurelia sits on a potty chair all day and is placed in a crib at night. A neighbor comes to do this as Smilia can no longer lift Aurelia. Smilia is tired. I have talked with her and her fear is that she will die before her daughter does. We pray together and include a request that the Lord take Aurelia moments before He takes Smilia home. Smilia has found peace in this I think.
They stay in a small room with cracked walls and a dirt floor. There is a bigger room in the house and in in my western mindset I suggested we could fix it up and move them where it would be nicer. Smilia said she was used to this and wouldn't want to change. I thought - well besides food what can I do to make her life somewhat easier or nicer? I remembered that we had received bed pads - would they like them? How about new bedding? Now that brought a smile to the mother's face. We will take the bedding and pads to her soon. I also think a big bouquet of flowers would be great. It doesn't seem like much though.
The mother's strength and perseverance leaves me in awe. When I start to feel down over some of the little problems of my life I think of this mother and child.

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