Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is Ionut Bindea,who helps me with the Widow's Mite program, and Elena Ciobanu. We refer to Elena as the Tee Pee lady because she lived in a little lean-to at the edge of a field that resembled an Indian Tee Pee. That place burned down the next winter.

When we found Elena she was knitting socks from wool she scavenged from along side the roads. She would unravel sweaters or whatever she could find. I tried to buy a pair of these socks but she would only trade them for food. Last winter I finally managed to get a pair for her sponsor after reminding her I had been faithful with bringing her food for a long time.

Elena is 88 years old now but looks better than she did a couple of years ago. She was recently baptized and for that we rejoice. Elena lives in a little shed where the wind whistled through the gaps in the walls. Last winter we went and nailed tar paper to the inside walls and then covered the tar paper with blankets and quilts. It warmed up immediately and it was pretty! One by one I saw that the blankets have disappeared. It is time to buy all the participants in the Widow's Mite program winter wood. The price has almost doubled from last year and there are currently 25 old people in the program.

If you, or someone you know would, like more information about this program or the other things I am involved in here in Romania please go to my web-site at This site needs to be updated and I will get to that soon. Actually this blog thing is so much easier!

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