Saturday, September 6, 2008


Our Sunday School has really grown in Vinga. We also have a youth group with about a dozen teens. It has always been one of my visions to expand the work with the children in that village.

Our teen group was at a summer camp, the first time many of them had been out of the village and the very first time any of them had been to the mountains! Ionut Bindea, who helps me with Widow's Mite, is the teen leader. We had to purchase bathing suits and PJs for all the kids as well as one outfit each. We didn't want our kids to look like "the token poor kids" at this camp. They had a wonderful time! I will post a picture of that adventure but being computer stupid this is the best I can do for one posting.

We have just about finished adding on a large room to the church for the Sunday School. God is moving in Vinga and He is letting me go along for the ride - WHHEEEE!!!!

Irene Phillips was here for a month and managed to purchase school clothes, shoes, back packs and some school supplies for 23 of the children from Vinga. She and Adina Luca scoured Arad for every possible bargain. The money went just like the loaves and fishes!

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