Thursday, September 25, 2008

There is another lady in Timis whose name is Mina Pandel. I can not find a picture of her on the computer. Vlad took one on his camera and I will share it later.

Mina took the time a few years ago to explain to me how it is that so many old people are just forgotten. In a very matter of fact way she told that the State was responsible and would take care of old people. It was a Godless society and the State was everything. This explanation unfolded when I found that Mina has 8 children and did not receive any help from them. Mina thought there was nothing odd about being abandoned in her old age, there was no emotion attached.

This lady still does hard physical labor in the fields, milks cows to receive a pint of milk herself, and now is living in a shed attached to the house. What happened to her being in the house? The house is in the name of her son and the son's wife has little use for helping her mother-in-law apparently. They had other people they wanted to let use the other parts of the house, collecting rent I am sure. The daughter came upon the scene while we were there and Ionut asked why Mina was relegated to the shed, couldn't she stay in the house? I saw the look on the daughter's face and I knew that Mina would suffer when we left. I was able to get Mina aside and talk to her. Her daughter would mistreat her if given the opportunity but there was a neighbor that looks out for that type of situation and had advised Mina to involve the police, which she has.

When I was talking to Mina there were tears, no longer is it the emotionless situation. How could the children she raised do this to her? I hugged her and said we would pray for her. I also gave her money for wood and instructed her to hide it right then while I keep an eye open for the daughter. Ionut had engaged the daughter in conversation so I could give Mina the money. We also gave Mina some comfy slippers, a lap blanket and a bright pink stuffed dog! She hugged that dog to her and there was joy on her face. I'll bet she had never been given something like that. We named the dog Rosa.

Mina has always been one of the special ladies to me. She was so excited to see me as she knew I had been sick. She asked if I would keep coming to see her as long as I lived. That made me smile, at her age I SHOULD outlive her.

There is often so little we can do for these forgotten old people, only love them and give what little help we can. Hugging these woman and seeing their tears because of a visit is a very humbling experience. Pray for Mina, pray for Smilia and Aurelia...pray for them all please.

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