Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was just a mere slip of a girl at 50 (OK, so I have NEVER been a slip of a girl) when I came to live in Romania. Early on in my career I had wanted to retire at 55. After I moved here I just thanked God that He had let me leave my job even earlier! The thought and benefits of Social Security seemed an eon away.

Today I am 62 and eligible for Social Security - boy does time fly when you are having fun. My granddaughter Elizabeth asked me if now I don't have to work anymore to which I replied "well you never retire from God and that is who I really work for".

I stopped recognizing my birthdays some time ago but today it is different, I can celebrate "retirement". I just wanted to share that.

P.S. in reviewing the post I realize my blog shows it is still Sept. 13 - here in Romania it is Sept. 14. Anyone know how to correct the time the blog is posted? It must be on California time.

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Mary Jill said...

Today, it is the 15th in NY You are really 62 by now :-) Hope you had a GREAT day! I am glad you are keeping us updated with your blog. Miss you! MJ