Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special friends visit!

George and Anita Ford returned for another visit. This is always special for me however this time Carrie, their daughter, came with them. George was a blessing in church with the message he brought for us but also we all were able to visit some families after the service and minister to them in their homes. Their homes are not anything like you would imagine living in, some are just dirt brick hovels. The people were honored to welcome Pastor George and his family in to pray for them. One of the best things for me was Carrie being able to meet Andrea, the little girl she has sponsored for years at the Maranatha orphanage. It is so wonderful for the children to be able to meet their sponsor! We all went to Mocrea for our Tuesday and Carrie was quite the hit there! Anita and I also were able to visit her special widow, Vicuta. Vicuta prays for Anita and her family faithfully.

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