Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ghita's House AFTER

The pictures do not do justice to the finished product! The stove was rebuilt. That is sand around the stove - it is a dirt floor so we leveled it with sand first.  I am sure the fleas thought they were also getting a new home. There is a new bed, linoleum on the floor, a rug, curtains and a closet for food. Everything is freshly painted. Ghita was happy!  Vlad is going to undertake a project to visit Ghita twice a month.  he will help with his laundry and we are working on providing him water. There is no water at his house, the community well is over a block away and he would have difficulty hauling it.

Ioanci, my neighbor, did a great job as team boss, he knew how to do it all. A huge thank you to the team from Kansas!  Randy, Tammy, Keith, Lisa, Charlie and Naomi were awesome!

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