Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coming up

A team is coming to visit Scott and Caroline Pouncey. Scott and Caroline have opened a girls' house in Arad. This work has been needed for so many years. This team will be at my church in Vinga Sunday to minister, and they will go to Mocrea with us on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday we will be in Dud renovating the little room Ghita Conta lives in. We will need to drop in after Mocrea on Tuesday to kill fleas in preparation of working inside the next few days. This awesome group is also paying for the supplies. Ioanci, my neighbor, will be the boss of us - he is the only one that knows how to do this. I know in theory but that is not enough. We also will give Ghita a new bed and closet unit. While the guys (with me translating) are doing this Adina will lead the ladies in doing a VBS in front of Lena's house in Dud. I am so blessed that this will be getting done for Ghita as well as the children in the village being blessed! ****** (can't make paragraph breaks!) The girls and I will be leaving July 23 for California. I need to get them Social Security cards as they have duel citizenship. I am excited that we will be able to Visit Gena Turley. She has invited me to share at her woman's group, New Woman's Life, on August 1.  Sunday July 29 Rev. Craig Turley of The Blessing Center, has invited  me to share what the Lord is doing here in Romania.****** We will have a rental car so we will then journey to Las Vegas so Elizabeth and Sarah can meet their aunt and uncle, Christine and Dixon Keller. After Las Vegas it is on to Phoenix to visit Benjamin, my grandson that is being adopted by an old friend of mine and her husband. Benjamin had very little chance at a good future but with Ruth and Doug he has a great chance, he is much loved. The girls had met their brother on a previous trip so it is exciting for us all! We will go to Grand Canyon for two days, Elizabeth very much wants to go there. I have never been there either!****** After all of this we will fly to Orlando and visit the Ball family. They will be returning to Romania in 2013 to resume their missionary calling. Elizabeth and Sarah want to do it all in Orlando of course! ****** I hope to update the blog before the trip with pictures of the work this next week - HOWEVER with only days before leaving I know it may not happen. Please hold all the work as well as this trip up in prayer. We may meet up with my daughter Kathleen in California so also please pray for that meeting - that it goes well for the girls. 

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"Vis de Copil" (A Child's Dream) said...

lovely to see your news Jackie, especially great news about your grandson, how lovely for him and his new parents ... I'm sure he will be a great joy and blessing to them. We are in UK visiting, speaking etc and not enjoying the cold wet weather! Lots of love, hope you have a fantastic trip!