Sunday, July 22, 2012

Heading out early AM tomorrow

I think I may even get everything crossed off my to-do list before leaving the house at 3AM tomorrow.  I am so happy that Ghita's house got done.  The rest of the material to renovate the school is being purchased and it will be done by fall!  Also First Presbyterian Church in Vincennes IN has donated the funds to repair and renovate our little church in Vinga.  In early spring, when I realized what I had on the drawing board  to get done before fall, it seemed almost impossible - these 3 projects just mentioned were all huge...but we serve a huge God, a God who always has provision for the vision...a God of the impossible. Thank you Lord!

Please pray for us while we journey within the USA. We need real favor of God to either get the documents I need to get the girl's Romanian passports or get back in to the country without the document in hand. The girl's need Social Security numbers before their American passports can be renewed. As they are older, and after 9/11, they must appear in person at the SS office. Getting that done is first on my list.

I received a good report from my cardiologist. I need an EKG as well as some other tests before I can travel long distances. For the first time in almost a year my heart is back in rhythm! Thank you Lord! Rather than thinking about the atrial fibrillation I liked to think of it as my heart doing the happy dance.

Elizabeth and Sarah may visit with their mother this trip. They have not seen her in 9 years. This is an emotional time for us all. At this moment it is not looking like it will work out well but the Lord knows all of this and will take care of us and the situation. We would appreciate your prayers.  

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