Monday, December 14, 2009

Deep in to December!

There are so many things and pictures I want to share with you...but I am on the run! We have a large Sunday School presentation this Sunday with dress rehearsal on Saturday, following close on the heels of the Christmas food distribution in Vinga.

Yesterday we were able to return to Mocrea. They were in quarantine due to the Swine Flu. I was glad to be back. Some of the patients didn't understand and thought we had abandoned them. We go back on Friday for the big Christmas party there.

In A few minutes we go to the judet of Timis to take gifts for the widows in 2 villages as well as visit an old folks home in one of the villages and the AIDS hospital.

Irene and Wayne have been wonderful. They leave Dec. 22 but Peter stays on.

I will post some pictures soon!

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Reaching said...

Thanks for looking after Irene & Wayne as you usually do. Irene especially needed to "chill", after the pressures experienced before her departure - and according to my climactic sources there is no better place to get chilly than Arad - brrrr!
I hope Wayne has not "fixed" too many things for you this time (motto: If it ain't broke fix it 'til it is!) - fortunately he has a great sence of humour so I should get away with it this time!
We look forward to their return, and hope you have a Great and Wonderful Christmas yourself.
I should mention that the Christmas edition of the Reaching Romania Newsletter can be downloaded from our website (www.ReachingRomania.Com).
love, Ray (at RR)