Monday, November 30, 2009


I was writing a friend an e-mail and telling her about my visit yesterday to Vilma, one of the ladies in the Widow's Mite program. I realized I needed to post this here also.

I hadn't seen Vilma, one of the widows, for 2 months. I left the food bags hanging on the fence those times. This month I decided I was not going to leave the food but keep going back until I caught the daughter home. I was concerned that Vilma had either died or was being left alone most of the time. The neighbor had said Vilma was still alive but I was concerned because the daughter is mentally unstable. On my fifth trip back the daughter came out - it took a while but we determined that Vilma had been moved to her son's place. I got the address and went. The son and daughter-in-law live very poorly themselves but the room was clean where Vilma was staying and did not smell. We had taken bed-linens and pads for under Vilma and given them to the daughter but she wasn't changing the the bed. It was a relief to know Vilma was in a clean bed. She declined terribly since I last saw her, she is almost deaf and blind now. She recognized my voice and started to cry. Her daughter-in-law had wanted her to go and stay at the old place to try and catch when I came with the food so I would know where she is. Vilma's daughter brought the food to Vilma the last two months at least. I told the daughter-in-law that I was glad Vilma was there and she said they had to move her because the daughter was abusing her. That broke my heart. I told Vilma, who knows the Lord, that we will pray that the Lord takes her home soon.

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