Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vinga Youth

Here is most of the teen group from the Vinga church. I have had the opportunity to be a youth pastor - never thought I was called to that but heck it seems I am doing several things here I was not called to do! It boils down to doing the best I can with what God puts before me.

While we were at camp this summer I felt it would be an awesome thing to take these kids outside of Romania on a missions trip. I talked to a fellow missionary from Eastern Germany and we may be able to work something out. I told the kids they would have to earn some of the money. The plans are for this group, plus others I hope, to attend summer camp again this next summer. I think a charity in the UK, Reaching Romania, will be helping to fund that.

Friday we are having our meeting in town over pizza. I am praying for a youth leader - I don't want to lose these kids. Vinga has so many children, between the teens and the children we would have more than 65 kids if they all came any one Sunday to church.

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