Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK - so I am a couple of days late! I meant to get this posted last week - honest!

The missionaries plus many Romanian guests gathered for a Thanksgiving feast. The girls had the next day off from school (part of the teacher's strike and they are still off) so it worked out nicely. Of course I have no pictures to post of this event but we had a good time. There are fewer and fewer Americans here but the kids in Network's Mission school as well as the volunteers from all over Europe quickly got the hang of our holiday! Some Romanian churches seem to be starting similar celebrations of thanksgiving.

The Orphan Sponsor Updates are completed! Yeah! If you sponsor a child and do not have e-mail, the letters are in the mail. If you do have e-mail you should have received your letter and picture.

The Vinga youth group continues to grow. This next Friday night we have movie night and they are all to invite friends. I am still praying for youth pastors for this group.

We are now heading in to our very busy Christmas schedule. Irene and Wayne arrive this week and will stay 3 weeks. Peter is here until January and is a big help. I need to get our tree up this week. I have almost all of my shopping done but I need to get everything wrapped.

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