Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures are worth 1000 words...

8:30AM. Crowd beginning to assemble in the street.

One and a half hour before opening the crowd is growing.

Bogdan getting names and addresses and me giving out numbers

215 boxes near the gate ready to distribute when we open at 10AM, somewhat worrisome as no Gendarme have arrived.

We begin the distribution at 10AM...the riot begins...we close the gates and try to reason with the people...

the first police arrive at 10:20 and we have to close the gates

10:20AM more police arrive and are soon joined by the Gendarme. So why weren't the Gendarme there beforehand? (I thought it was all set up!)...we were instructed to e-mail them with the particulars and the hour we needed assistance. I requested 8:30AM for them to come so we could get the people in a line and not rush the gate. The e-mail had not been opened...OOPS. This was my fault in not being sure it had reached the right people. It took some time to straighten it out!

Sani and Ionci guarding the gate as we are passing out the boxes again.

In less than one hour we have given out food parcels to more than 200 families

Bogdan and me - we survived another week!

We have moved into the unfinished building with the street access - ready to begin again. Please pray for the family that owns the building, this is a real trial for them.

Thank you all for your prayers. No one was hurt and I do not think I was fined (not quite sure yet). I had some interesting conversations with the police and Gendarme, I wanted them to see my heart and hopefully to understand why I was doing this. The people I mainly help are difficult and I do understand the prejudice. Today, as always, I feel some what down and tired and think I am truly crazy to be attempting this. If it is truly of the Lord then He will go before me. I know that in another day or so I will be planning the buying and restocking. We have another distribution April 11 and I am planning for 300 families.

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"Vis de Copil" (A Child's Dream) said...

Hi jackie ... glad the project is going well, and glad the folks liked the stuff we gave you ... will give you the rest ASAP, only I've not been well-sorry. I sympathise with you about the 'lack of discipline' of some of our folks!(recognised a good number of our regulars on the photos!) Keep up the good work! Lots of love, katy xx