Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food Bank Launched

Saturday was cold and rainy so I had hoped that we would have at least 10-15 families so that we could at least give out some food and get the kinks out of our system. I had purchased and stocked over $1700 in food so I had enough for the first two weeks at least. I had not advertised so that we wouldn't be swamped before we knew what we were doing and before we could acquire some large food donations. I had to close more than an hour early because we had run out of food. The response was overwhelming. We gave out food boxes to over 100 families, for a total of almost 400 people! I had a lot of help and it went pretty smoothly but...400 people?! I was totally spent and wanted to curl up in a corner and whine "Lord, I can't do this". By Sunday morning I begin to think that I would indeed continue, Monday I started to restock. This truly will have to be a work of the Lord with His provision - it is way beyond me or my capabilities. For some reason I can't get any pictures to post so I will publish this and then try for the pictures.

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