Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have not yet heard whether I will have Gendarme to help me at the food bank on Saturday. I need about 50 more empty boxes and then need to pack 80 more. I am hoping to have them all done before Saturday so I can utilize volunteers to get the names and addresses of people, explain the scope of the program and generally be visible. I am not sure yet how many volunteers I will have. This work is such a work of my heart that I pray it will continue and grow. it seems unless I get more help to buy and stock I can only open the food bank every other week. I also want to scout out the elderly that come to see if they qualify for the Widow's Mite program.

Edith Bond, a missionary in Hungary, is coming today for a visit. I am looking forward to her coming and will shamelessly draft her as a volunteer. Vlad and another pastor from Timis are also coming today for dinner. I think this other Pastor has many elderly that need food in his village.

I'll let everyone know how it goes Saturday! I am also praying for the Lord to go before us and hinder those who should not be getting the parcels of food. I know there are abuses but I also know I will lean in the direction of giving the food. Pray for peace and patience with the crowd.

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