Monday, June 24, 2013

Bogdan & Lili's wedding

Bogdan and Lili were married April 27.  We first had the civil ceremony then went on to a lovely restaurant that provided a nice area for the religious portion of the service before starting the reception.

Clergy marriages are not legally binding here so you must have a State civil ceremony also. I have been waiting for the wedding pictures to be done to post but I have a few snapshots anyhow.

 Bodan and Lilli with his parents, Delia and Simon. It was lovely.
All smiles as they head to take more pictures before heading to the restaurant.  Pastor Rich Femia was here from my church in Ohio to help preside over the religious part of the service. I'll post those pictures when we have them.

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Kerri Craig said...

Congratulations to Bogdan & his lovely wife!! SO, SO happy for both of them!