Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ball Family Arrives April 24

Spencer, Lynsey, Jonathan and Trinity arrived back in Romania April 24.  Here they are pictured ready to go to Bogdan and Lili's wedding.

The family have served here before and made a mission trip back as well as a family trip back here to be sure this is where the family is called to be.  They are here for the long haul. So far they have been staying with us here in Sofronea but are soon to move in to their own place right next door to us!  The kids quickly settled in and have made numerous friends. Both Spencer and Lynsey have gotten the hang of village life.

The Ball's have pitched in in all areas of the ministries  I am involved with and feel called to serve the elderly and Romi in particular. Lynsey has long had a vision for working with babies here and the new Child Development Program is moving along.  It may happen soon!

Please keep this family in prayer as they are like additions to our family.

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