Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kids Klub

Friday evening Marius (the Vinga youth leader) Peter and myself took 17 of the kids from Vinga to the Kids Klub in my school located in Sanicolaul Mic. They really seemed to enjoy it. The children in Vinga are especially on my heart. The ones that go to school do not usually stay much past the 4th grade and they have a limited future. We are taking them to a summer camp out near Lipova in July. Reaching Romania, a charity in the UK, has a program to provide school clothes for many of these kids as well as the needed school supplies. Sometimes this is all the encouragement they need to go back to school - new clothes! Reaching Romania has also provided me with funds to help with the camp costs.

I hope to get to their youth meeting in Vinga on Wednesday. I want to talk to them about some service projects, liking cleaning out the weeds in the cemetery. Also as I watched them Friday night an idea hatched in my brain about a missions trip for these kids. This would be HUGE undertaking (just now I got a mental picture - a shudder going through some people that know me well). The enormity of a project doesn't slow me down much - I just need to know it is God for me to do.

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Tammy said...

Hi Jackei- I'm a friend of Mary Jill & Edith. Missionary in Ukraine. Someone in the States was asking me about Bob Gass. Do you know his ministry there?? Is it good? Reputable? I ask, bc he has pictures of things near Arad, which is where you are, isn't it?? If you can, respond to me at
Thanks. Tammy