Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food Bank?????

This last week I looked at a building that Irene and Wayne had seen while delivering Widow's Mite food for me. The owner of the building is renovating and adding on to an existing building not far from the center of Arad. The price was 300 Euros, which is quite cheap for a building in good repair in that area.

When I saw it my spirit went YIPPEE. I told the lady that I could not, however, commit to 300 Euros per month. She said I only had to pay 200 Euros until I started to consume utilities. It will have a bath-room and kitchen. I asked the owner if we could feed the homeless there once a week and have a church service for them. She said that would be fine! I was thinking of another ministry that could use the facility.

I was excited about being able to start the food bank this year - it is the biggest part of my vision for the future here! When the girls and I were in California the summer of 2007 I took them to work in Joseph's Storehouse on Saturday morning. Elizabeth was amazed at how they distributed food to the poor and said "Bubba, we have to do this in Romania".

After my initial excitement when I saw the building and tentatively committing to renting it when it is completed next month - I got scared spitless! How on earth am I going to do this project???? I have the funds to get started but very little help. I will need a larger truck for transport of donated food, when I find people and stores willing to donate that is.

I have learned that when God says "Go" He will provide everything needed for the journey. He gives provision for the vision. I need to hear clearly that this is of the Lord for me to do, and is it for now?

My general health is improving but I can no over do. Everything is getting done though!

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