Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some excitement about the food bank

Today at church was not exactly a spiritual high - those of you who know the people I minister to can use their imaginations. I realized I left my material for the message at home, which didn't help. While people were still arguing I asked Bogdan what subject he thought I should preach about. He looked over the congregation and said "Love!". HMMM, sounds like 1 Cor. 13 to me, I really just wanted to go back home (I didn't). In the end it was OK, I guess. A couple of people said the message did have an impact so that was good.

Anyhow the exciting part was on the trip home. Bogdan asked if I have heard from the Lord about the food bank yet because he is really excited about it and wants to be involved and his mom also wants to help AND he and his father are going to plant extra potatoes on the grandmother's land so there will be extra to donate to the food bank. This really blessed me!

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