Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I am headed to Hunedora and Maranatha orphanage. This is the first project I started when I began working here in Romania in 1993. It is an orphan sponsor program. I have not personally done the sponsor updates in about 5 years. A lovely young Romanian woman, Adina Luca, has been doing the twice yearly letters and pictures. This relieved me of some work and helped her with her college tuition as I paid her a little to help. Adina is going to the States for a year so I have had to take this back over. I am looking forward to seeing the children and that facility again.

I am going to try and do most of the sponsor updates and pictures by e-mail. I hope this will be OK with the sponsors. My work load is requiring some reorganization and labor saving plans. Right at this time I do not have the help I did last year and also I have had some health challenges but Praise God everything is getting done!

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