Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wrote about Elizabeth saving to buy a house dog. Following that posting I discussed with Elizabeth that if we go to the States next year we might be able to pick up a puppy and bring it back in a little carrier that would fit under our seats in the plane. Elizabeth thought that was a fine idea and would continue to save her money. Elizabeth's money has been stolen from her piggy bank. I have had several thefts in the last year but this one from Elizabeth effected me more. Who could steal from a child's bank? This theft robbed Elizabeth of more than money. I said I would replace the funds but it is not the same anymore. No one broke in to our house, it is obviously someone that we openly allowed in. How sad is this? It seems to me that it is only a betrayal when it is someone we trust - people we do not have a relationship with can not really betray us. Elizabeth feels betrayed. I now need to work on her forgiving the thief and putting this behind her. That is the path we all must take in life.

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