Saturday, June 27, 2015


Cati is is on the left, a mentally challenged young man that helps Roza in the middle and Roza on the right. Cati and Roza are sisters and live next door to each other in Vinga. Roza is the oldest of 14.  I know Cati is younger but I am not sure how many siblings were in between.  Cati has some trouble processing information and can be quite difficult.  Cati as well as Roza are in the Widow's Mite program.  They are not close, in fact I am not sure Cati knows Roza was baptized.

Several weeks ago Cati fell in the fields while collecting flowers to sell at the Piata.  She was transported to the hospital in town with what I thought was a broken leg. Cati returned home in less than a week. She was afraid of surgery and would not let them operate. it was her hip that was broken not her leg. She was brought back by ambulance and placed on her "bed". She could not get up to go outside (there is no bathroom).  Lynsey and I visited with her to assess the needs...whoa, what a list.  Neighbors are helping to care for her so with adult diapers,baby wipes, antibiotic cream as she has open sores where she fell, a bed pan, a walker and diaper creams and a supply of sheets, she was settled. I gave her a couple of shifts of mine to use as nightgowns as she lays in a room open to the yard.   Christine let us have one of her twin mattresses as Cati really didn't have a bed. She had a rusted box spring with old filthy blankets and a quilt for padding. It also looked like there were several layers of clothes underneath her. It was pretty smelly to say the least - let alone a REALLY bad place to be laying with open wounds. Here is a picture before she was transferred to the new nylon covered mattress. That is just packed dirt beneath those crates - and that is all the furniture in that room.

Cati is actually (and surprisingly) doing quite well and is able to move her leg around now. God is good - because without Him having His hand on her - it would have been a much worse situation. Please pray for a rapid healing and that she be able to walk again!

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