Monday, September 23, 2013

The Year Is Flying By!!!

My gosh - it is the 3rd week of September - already! Wasn't it just August first and I was writing about the camps and still had so much summer left. School didn't start here in Romania until Sept. 16. Sarah began 8th grade with gusto and Elizabeth entered high school with fear and trepidation. 

Sarah is taking voice and piano as extras this year.  I hope this is a really good school year for her. Scholastically it was  a little bumpy last year.  It appears Elizabeth will spend most of her time being tutored this first semester. Her language load as a freshman is Romanian, English, Latin and French.  Elizabeth has technically had French since 5th grade but they only copied things out of books and learned some recognition of the written word - but she spoke not a word. She gets in to her French class and what a shock - it is all in French and she doesn't understand a thing. Panic time. It was the end of the world for her!  Just a few days before I run in to a young woman that tutors in 5 languages. Elizabeth is now being privately tutored, plus there are a dozen other kids in her class that are in the same boat so they are offering an extra catch up class at the school. Elizabeth also needs some help in chemistry and physics. Elizabeth choose this school so she could be with a friend in high school - village kids in town high school are sort of looked down on. Elizabeth didn't make the grade average to stay with her friend so ended up as a language major. She regretted  choosing the high school altogether.

This evening we went to our first parent teacher meeting with her main teacher who also speaks English - a plus for me.  After the meeting I told Elizabeth that the Lord knew all of this and He would never set her up for failure. I said that if she hadn't tried to stick with her friend she wouldn't now be in the highest ranked high school - the Lord just used that and she is exactly where is is supposed to be. It also was no coincidence that I ran into the French tutor, this lady remembered me, I didn't remember her when we met again. God is in control.  After the school meeting we were making our way slowly out of the building ( many stairs) and Elizabeth said she could almost cry to realize God is taking care of her and has a plan for her. She didn't make a wrong choice.

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