Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camp 2013

Well we are done with camp for this summer.  There were more than 60 kids sponsored this year. it is one of the two big one-time-a-year expenses that I have. The other is the winter wood for the Widow's Mite program.

Elizabeth and Sarah ended up with 3 weeks at camp. Elizabeth is in training to join The Grain Game (the Alabama based ministry that travels around the world to bring the gospel to children).  Sarah went along the 3rd. week and was also a help.  Both Elizabeth and Sarah bonded with the team from England and look forward to visiting them. Now they have two teams to visit!

We are looking to put together a Grain Game team together for the Balkan countries and Romania. This will be especially aimed at  Romii children. I agreed to form a team and the director of Grain Game will come back this winter for a training seminar.  My goodness, another leap of faith for me!  This year certainly has really been exciting so far.

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