Tuesday, March 20, 2012


George Stoica was one of the original participant's in the Widow's Mite program when Betsy and I started it. Today, as usual, my first stop in Dud is with Lena. The first thing she said was that George had died. It had not been all that long ago when I visited George with food and a team was with me. George couldn't get up from his bed and told me he was dying. We located his cousin in Dud who tried to persuade George to be taken to a doctor or call an ambulance. He declined all aid. His cousin thought he had just drank something that was worse than usual. He does that I guess - drinks what he can find.

My heart was burdened for George and I tried to talk to him about Eternity - but he wouldn't listen. I told him none of us know how many days we have been allotted by our Creator - but He sent His son to die for our sins. I guess I thought if George really thought that that day was to be his last day on earth he would want to at least consider his eternity. Lena said he drank rubbing alcohol and died in the night about a week ago. George ran out of days...but only God can judge a heart and I hope that in His Grace and Mercy He presented His son to George one last time. I am grieved.

I went to see George Conte, who is new to the program. I posted a blog about him and his terrible living conditions. I had plans in the spring to clean out his property (he had a fire over a year ago) and then see what we could repair. I planned to use the Vinga youth for this project. Lena's neighbor talked to me about him - everyone has tried to help but he refuses. The neighbors complain, the mayor has tried, the church has tried, George hid when an ambulance was called for him a few weeks or so ago. The local market offered him soap and he refused. He did say that he didn't need their handouts because this foreign woman was coming and giving him food and soap. That warmed my heart - would he let me in to help? Yes he said! I introduced Bogdan and said he would be bringing on our young men to help - before Easter. I then noticed an extra dog in all that clutter and garbage - yes it was George Stoica's dog! George Conte had brought him home - so now the dog food goes to George Conte. He goes by the nickname Gita, by the way.

As we were leaving a neighbor was complaining loudly about George and the smell of garbage. I asked Bogdan to gently, but firmly, tell this neighbor that we are going to help and to please leave him alone. I saw a tired old man that has just about given up but I also saw a spark of pride left...and I want to help. More than just provide material things I want his name to be written in The Book of Life - if it isn't already - after all that is what Widow's Mite is about.

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