Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just to catch you up, nothing earth shaking

This is Elizabeth with Caroline (Ionut and Cassandra's 10 week old daughter). Elizabeth is introducing her to Saturday morning cartoons. Elizabeth really loves babies.

I spoke with Marty Sutton yesterday, a missionary in Bulgaria involved in numerous awesome projects there, and he said he and a friend might be able to come and help with the summer camp for the kids in Vinga. I wanted the camp to be with in the first two weeks in July but those weeks were booked so we now are looking at mid-July.

I want to get out to Minis to photograph the playground there with the new equipment. I was so happy to be able to buy the rest of it. I'll be sure to post the picture here.

There is some interest being expressed in the food bank. In the next two weeks I will need to be talking to stores and bakeries. I pray churches will become interested and want to participate. I think this food bank could really help in unity here. One thing we all should be able to agree on is feeding the poor!

Just an added thought to close - if any of you reading this knew what my living-room used to look like you will know how awesomely blessed we are with the house now. The house had dirt floors and crumbling walls with a ceiling that was what could be best described as very thin particle board also covering up a layer of earth. I had weeds that used to come up under my couch!

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