Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elizabeth and Sarah at Mocrea

Last week was a school vacation and both girls wanted to come with me to Mocrea Psychiatric Hospital. I go there once a week and do crafts, play games, sing, serve snacks, and sometimes show a film. I started going around 3 years ago I think, originally to take food for the patients. The situation has vastly improved over these three years. The buildings have all been renovated and several new bathrooms and shower facilities were added and they have plenty of food. We started to go every other week and visit with some of the patients and the program grew!

Cassandra and Ionut had been regulars to go with me for a long time but they have little Caroline to care for and they are in the States for a while. Irene as well as Peter and Christine enjoy coming to Mocrea when they are in the country but right now it seems that no one is here for now! I have been trying to get others to go but I guess visiting a mental hospital is not appealing to many! It is such a blessing to me to know that the visits have made a difference. The administrator said that the patients are less violent and all around happier since we began the program. Vio, the young neighbor who has been helping with the girls and house for the last 5 years, loves to go when she can which is a real help to me. Ideally I need a team of 4-5 so I can get to the locked wards also.

The patients really enjoyed the girls. Many have children and grandchildren that they rarely see if ever. Elizabeth and Sarah did very well and said they would be glad to go whenever they had vacations.

Every week before we leave we pray together. The patients really like this and look forward to this time. Several have asked for bibles so I purchased a small supply to have on hand.

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