Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy 2017!!!!

Well I have set a new record for not updating my blog.  Summer rushed in to Fall, Fall rushed in to winter and here we are. So what is happening?  My ministry is in transition as are so many others. All the projects continue and the good news is that I have more help!  So much has happened since this last summer.  I broke my leg in June and it took much longer to recover than I thought it would. I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery January 18...please hold me up in prayer. Here is some information on the projects and family.

First the family:  Elizabeth turned 18 October 2nd. She is in her last year of high school and is concerned because her future plans are not yet made. Elizabeth is the type of young lady that wants to do it all. She is very involved in Harvest church here in Arad. Sarah is in her 3rd. year of high school and has a chance for an intern like program in May in Germany. The participants are selected competitively and she isn't sure she can qualify. I think she is selling herself short and am really encouraging her. She also wants to start work during the summer, which I am also encouraging. Please pray for my girls as they mature and make choices for their futures. I am so proud of them both - they are a joy to my heart.

OK now for projects:  Vinga church. We are meeting in a new location and have a new set of challenges but God is in control!  It was time for me to loosen my hold on the reins and when my pastor, Rich Femia, was here we installed Spencer Ball as lead pastor. He and his lovely wife Lynsey do a wonderful job in Vinga as Lynsey does the children's ministry. Lynsey also is in charge of the Baby Project and is very respected at the hospital. She trains all of the volunteers and works there herself almost daily.

Widow's Mite:  Spencer has taken over the Arad portion of the project. He is doing an excellent job, he loves these elderly people and it shows. I get the fun of visiting them at other times than food delivery.  The widow's program in the other areas is being revamped by me so it will be more efficient and able to reduce the non-food expenses like fuel costs. I am excited with some of these changes and hopefully will have 2 more people on board soon to help Vlad. These changes should allow us to provide more than we have in the way of food and medicines and add more widows as we find them.

Mocrea:  This project has the assistance of Scott and Carolyn as well as Traian. Scott drives and we all go weekly. Sometimes other people will come along. At Christmas we took presents for every patient, much of the gifts provided by Reaching Romania. We went caroling in every ward and gave out the gifts along with 70 pounds of fruit.  A few people in ministry here have commented that their work is not appreciated so I encourage them to come with us to Mocrea, talk about appreciation!  They hang out the windows welcoming us every Tuesday.

2nd Chance: This project is still going but only has one student this semester but two from last year are now employed which is the goal of the education opportunity which is available to school drop outs over the age of 16. Reaching Romania funds this program - thank you!

Child Sponsorship: I am in the process of revamping this program too. I am excited about these changes and will be notifying the sponsors soon. This will effect the sponsors of Maranatha only. As with all the projects the sponsorship program will continue.

I have needed to be doing some reorganization as I am not able to do it all myself, nor have I been able to for some time. Praise God He has been sending some great people that have a heart for these projects. I would hate to think that I have spent the last 20 years in a ministry that would die when I do!  Letting go of some of these things has not been easy for me but His Grace is sufficient!  Now might be a great time to mention that Rock Of Hope Ministries will administer all these projects when I am no longer able. No, I do not think I am exiting any time soon but I learned in the corporate world that you don't get promoted unless you have trained up another or in my case others plural. I always knew that there was probably not a single person who would fit all these projects so I have been busy. I have several people and families that I help monthly. This is personal to me and I have instructed the girls that these are in no way their responsibility!

Thank you all for your support, prayer and financial. Every thing that has been done you share in!  I am so blessed to have all of you on the team.

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