Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring has come in Romania (I think)

We had the strangest winter weather, but then it seems most of the world did too.  So if it is spring, or almost, what  happened to the rest of fall and the winter?  Since I have been s-o-o-o-o-o negligent in keeping up the blog I'll just try to quickly play catch up and then hopefully do better!  Oh my, how many times have I said similar things over the years?...but I always mean it...honest....

The Christmas season was busy as usual. Irene, Wayne and Adina were on hand to help accomplish all the distributions and parties.  They did so much of the work this year, it was an awesome blessing for me.

All the widows had been given wood by November. Many of then had to have much more purchased over the winter as we have several that were home bound and two that were bedridden.  We lost Roza this winter, she knew the Lord and just wanted to go home. She refused medical help and medicines near the end, she just wanted this life to be over.  She is happy now!  I was shocked to find that Roza was only 3 years older than me, which makes Cati quite a bit younger. Amazing! We also lost Rozalia. She had been very ill with complications from her diabetes and had lost both legs. I half expected we would lose Ana and Anton but they have made it this far. They both know the Lord and await going to see him. Although it has been much warmer than normal we just bought a little more wood today for Cati.  Ekcaterina ia now also very ill and is staying with a niece.  Your prayers are appreciated for all the widows and widowers in the program.

Vinga is going very well with all the young peoples ministry. Spencer, Lynsey and Bogdan are doing a super job with the younger children. It is so exciting to have them share verses and songs at church on Sunday. Bogdan continues to head up the teen group as well as the ministry at the detention center. We are blessed to have Steven Goodwin here until October. He has a heart to disciple the boys and minister to children in general. He and Bogdan are making a super team.  Spencer is sharing the preaching roster on Sundays and has a good word to share.

2nd Chance has not started up again after Christmas. We know the State would rather the program didn't continue but so many youngsters dropped out of school and need something like this propgram. I pray they start up again soon and that we can get more teens in to the school.

We have a super team helping in Mocrea!  Scott and Carolyn not only do the driving for the team but pitch in with all the activities. They are a vital part to ongoing ministry there at the mental hospital.  Scott, Bogdan and Steven just completed installing new doors on our craft cupboard. When the old one broke we lost  a great deal of our craft supplies. Edith is on hand every week to help, especially with the refreshments. Of course Traian is also with us each week. he is a joy to my heart.  We will be losing Edith at the end of March, she needs to return to New Zealand. She will be missed by us.

Lynsey is still doing a great job at the hospital with the Unplaced Child Development Program. She is there almost every work day and trains all the new volunteers.  Without her that program would not be able to continue.

The children at Maranatha and Osana are all doing well. Thank you to all of you who sponsor a child.

Elizabeth and Sarah are both chugging along through teen-hood. I am very much the chauffeur.  They are so different from one another but both beautiful and talented.  Elizabeth will be going on Eurotrek with Grain Game and Sarah is helping with Grain Game Rromi. She will be accompanying us to Bulgaria to do a summer camp as well as the camp with the Pesac kids. Elizabeth is still fund raising for her summer travels. She has written a tour guide of the historic buildings here in Arad and gives tours. If this is of interest to anyone please contact me. If even if you can not visit us for the tour Elizabeth can e-mail or mail you a booklet.


esztertun said...

Thank you, Jackie! I read this to the kids over breakfast. They miss you guys! It's great to hear your news, and I admire you for keeping it up. God bless you!!!

Grant Croxford said...

Fantastic Jackie, God bless you all!