Saturday, March 8, 2014

OK - so it is too late for Happy New about Happy March 8?

A long overdo update:

March 8 is mother's day here in Romania.  Is has been a somewhat difficult day each year for the girls and myself.  I am thankful that the girls are doing well. Elizabeth has settled down a little in school and is not so stressed.  Sarah has just had another piano recital.

In Feb. I hosted a conference on the Grain Game for Romii kids. Chip Riley, founder of the program, came from Alabama to do the teaching. it was awesome.  This is the ministry program that has been presented for several years in Sistarovit at the summer camps. We had people from the States, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and England attend. In conjunction with Reuben and Karen Popet, who have an orphanage in the judet of Timis, we will have our first camp starting June 24.

Last night at the Vinga youth meeting we had 13 young people! Bogdan is doing a great job. Speaking of Bogdan,  he and Lilli are the proud parents of Maximilian Simon. Max will be dedicated at the Vinga church April 13.

The ministry in Sanicolaul Mic with the Kids Club as well as music lessons is going well. Marius and his lovely bride Elena do so well with this program. Bogdan is part of that team too.

The Saturday Kid's Club in Vinga is going really well too. Bogdan heads this one up too with the help of Delia, his mom and Vlad.

Mocrea is always special because the patients so appreciate the visits, crafts and mnistry. Vlad handles the singing and prayer parts of the program and assists with the crafts. Scott and Carolyn Pouncey have been so faithful to this project, I am very grateful to them.

Widow's Mite participants have been blessed with a mild winter. It has been even more difficult financially for all of us here in Romania so using less wood was a real blessing.

Edith Bond from New Zealand has moved here to help with the work. She is living with us in Sofronea and waiting to see God's direction. She helps me in all the work and is a blessing to have here!  I think what she likes best is volunteering with the Pre-Placed Child Development Program with the babies at the hospital. We are well accepted and they have come to know they can count on us being there every day. This last week Edith and I were able to take a little baby girl that had been labeled as abandoned back to her family. Their village was a distance away from Arad. The family is very poor and there are four children. 2 of them are in a hospital in a nearby town , the mother is in another hospital caring for the third child and the fourth ended up in the hospital in Arad. We took extra clothing for the little one, formula as well as food for the family. The doctors are very willing to let us get involved and help - it is such a blessing that they have learned to trust us. We hope and pray to be able to intervene in circumstances such as this so that children will be raised by their families. Sometimes it is a matter of finding someone to care for a baby while a parent works, or providing wood, or clothing or food.

This afternoon Edith and I are heading out to do the Saturday afternoon prayer meeting in Vinga. A mother from the church called this morning and asked if we will come by and pray for her little one. She also needs special shoes to help correct a birth defect. The church is doing well!  Spencer Ball is taking a preaching rotation each month and is a blessing. Edith taught last week and the people really liked it.

Thank you for checking my blog and please continue to pray for all of us here! 

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