Sunday, October 27, 2013

Praise for God's Goodness

There will be no picture posted for this one.  I dropped a Skype note to a friend a few minutes ago - why is it that nobody else in my circle of friends seems to have to deal with as many dead bodies as I do?  This can't be an anointing!  Well - OK, sort of. I know I have what I like to refer to as "A Full Service Ministry".

I transported Ioanci's uncle home from the hospital on Tuesday.  He had been in my favorite hospital, yup TB place.  Last week Vio felt an urge to talk to him, that he was afraid of death. This always prompts the question of "does he know where he will spend eternity?".  I urged her to go and talk to him and she did.  He listened and then prayed with Vio. Praise the Lord!  Her uncle would stay with them when he was released from the hospital.

On Friday I was driving Vio and she said she didn't know what she would do if he died while with her. Like many people Vio has a fear of being around people that have died and reacts really badly. I told her I did not think he had very long and to just call me when the time came. The time came Friday afternoon.  I wasn't far away when she called me. I arrived and yes he was dead. I told her that in my opinion he had been dead before he hit the floor. He had a rather deep cut on his eyebrow from hitting the floor and almost no blood.

God's goodness:  The uncle is in heaven, no more sickness or sadness. He did not suffer. Vio has to start work on Monday and it would have been difficult to care for him. We have had so many opportunities this weekend to explain how God's hand was on all of this and that the uncle is in heaven because he accepted the Lord!  Also this is working on Ioanci's heart, this was a favorite uncle who has the same problems as does Ioanci.

I can not just close with out giving you my take on yet another dead person along my way.  I was able to help Ioanci with the preparations and washing, all the while talking about how good God has been in this situation and how perfect is His timing.  Ioanci said we were instructed to wash the body and have him ready to be dressed when transportation arrived. Since the uncle was to be transported to Dorobrant I thought perhaps I would have to transport him in my Duster. No, thank heavens. I explained that in the States we would have had to notify the proper authorities etc. and would not be allowed to move or handle the body.  Nah - that's OK here. REALLY???  When the transportation and clothes arrived they also brought a casket. It was handled very efficiently and quickly...but ah, there hadn't even been a doctor here yet and we were transporting him directly to a chapel in the cemetery. When I softly questioned about who pronounced him dead - the answer was "you did,  oh and by the way he didn't die here."  Gotta love this country!

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