Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comings and goings in Budapest

This last weekend I was in Budapest with Mary Jill.  While I was there I remembered other trips - my comings and goings to Budapest.

It has been almost 20 years since my first visit. We came in to Budapest by train and a van met us and drove us to Romania for a short term missions trip.  That was a trip that changed my life.  On my last night in Romania I felt (actually I saw) the call to Romania.  I never dreamed that it would involve me living here. Thus began my comings and goings through that most beautiful of cities, Budapest.

I remembered how many times I arrived and how many times I left the city, many times only passing through from the airport to train station.

I have arrived joyously and excited for another trip. I have left sadly because I was leaving Romania.

I have arrived barely crawling in to the city - totally exhausted.  I have left exhausted.

I have arrived only to be called immediately back.

I have come in triumph, I have come in defeat.

I have come in and left bursting with good health, I have come and left in ill.  I have come and left with a mix of those two conditions.

I have even come in and out of  Budapest skinny and I certainly have come in and out  fat!

I have come in hopeful and come in with my hopes dashed on the rocks.  But I have always entered and left with the Lord at my side.

I await my next trip to Budapest....

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