Monday, September 10, 2012

Gospel Via Watermelon!

I was glad to get back to Mocrea and see all the patients. I was very happy to hear "Jackie's back Jackie's back".  Last week we had a special presentation - "The Gospel Via Watermelon"  The watermelon has 5 messages for us. When you cut it you will see: yellow in the peeling between the red and white - that's to remind us of heaven; the black seeds represent our sin; the red the blood of Jesus; the white the righteousness we receive when washed by the blood; and finally the green which represents the growth we experience as we walk in faith. Of course this was done with much drama and explanation, everyone loved it.  This girl ate so many pieces of watermelon I was beginning to get concerned - what a treat!  Now I am thinking if we know anyone who knows how to juggle, we could teach the patients with oranges and everybody gets the fruit...

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