Thursday, December 9, 2010

H-e-r-e's-s-s-s the Duster

This is my brand spanking new right off the showroom floor (OK it was parked outside - this IS Romania) Duster. A Duster is sort of like a SUV - it has lots of bells and whistles (I got to buy it with not one but 2 upgrades!) This is a gift from God!

Last April Anita and Barb came to visit me. We took the girls to a mall and they were buying them some clothes. As we were exiting the mall there was a Duster on display - with a Win This Car sign and a desk. Elizabeth and I went to check it out - how do we win? You enter the drawing using receipts, for over $15, for things you have bought in the mall. Anita - Barb gimme the receipts! Elizabeth and I laboriously filled out the entries. I think the drawing was for May 20 or so. I explained to Elizabeth that I pretty much use up a car every 5 years. The Lord miraculously provided one for us in 2000 and then again in 2005 - we're due kiddo! The truck was getting iffy and I was putting more and more money in to it. Not to mention it is not easy to drive without power steering etc. Elizabeth asked if it was really going to be ours. I said it could be - the Lord has never provided with a drawing - but why not? Just start thanking Him for our new vehicle!

I was talking to several people about how I think that was the new vehicle for me and how God has always provided for me. It is financially really difficult for many missionaries here and I want to encourage as many as I can - God provides provision for His vision. Period. During one of these discussions someone said "Ah Jackie, the drawing was yesterday and you didn't win - doesn't that do something to your faith?" Ah - NO! The only thing that was clear was that the drawing was not God's provision for me. A church in Indiana bought this for me! That is God's provision - most often He uses the hands of man.

I just wanted to share our excitement and blessing with you!

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