Saturday, March 13, 2010

The closing of the school

Today we finished emptying the school. It was sad but it seems this season is over. I knew this day was coming. I have had the classes there at the school for almost 10 years. The State gave me this building with the only conditions being that I had to renovate it myself and it must be used for the good of the community. A couple of years ago the Orthodox church took me to court. As with many buildings and parcels of land here, much confusion surrounded ownership before communist confiscation.

The Orthodox church is in the left hand side of the picture. We took apart the small kitchen and stored what we were not going to use immediately. We moved all the music things as well as additional seating in to my small church building around the corner from the school. It will take some organizing so it can be used for both the kids club as well as the music lessons. I think I need to move the stored things out from across the street in May. Monday I meet with Daniel to change the name on the house (church building) from the foundation's name to my own. That is the house that is to be Sani's inheritance.

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