Sunday, February 21, 2010

More widow's

This is Eva. She has been in the program for a couple of months. Her sister Irina was in the program but has passed away. I went to take food to Irina and her landlord came out and told me. He said she had already died the last time I left food and they couldn't catch me. When I took the food there was no one home (now I know why) so I just opened the door and put the food on the table. The landlord wanted to show me what they did with the food - they gave it to Eva who lives next door. It seemed Eva is Irina's sister and Irina had been sharing her food with her. Eva is semi-paralyzed and bedridden.

I tried to find a picture I have from about 6 years ago. it was of Elizabeth and Sarah packing Widow's Mite bags in our living room. This one is in my bathroom - I have more floor space in there! We have added 3 more ladies to the program, they have no pensions at all. Praise God it has warmed up and wood consumption has slowed. George is out of wood however so I ordered him some more.

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